Christmas Gift ideas

5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Bagel lovers

Christmas is on the verge, but you still haven't planned anything? Now is the perfect time for you to start thinking about the best Christmas gift ideas to present and ...
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Turkey Shaped Bagels

Celebrate This Thanksgiving With Turkey Shaped Bagels And Fall Themed Iced Sugar Cookies.

Fall has again arrived with Thanksgiving this year. And like each year Bobby's Bagel Café is ready to make the day special with its fall-themed items. From bagels to sugar ...
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pumpkin shaped bagels

Halloween is Knocking on the Door! Get Ready With The Best Pumpkin shaped Bagels and More…

Halloween is practically only a few weeks away now. It seems like every child we know is counting down the days until they can get into costume and go out ...
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Bagel & Lox Charcuterie Board

On Yom Kippur Grab Our Best Yum-Yum Bagels

Yom Kippur, the day of atonement is celebrated with a lot of happiness, and what better way than to enjoy it with some delicious food. Bobby's Bagel Café is inviting ...
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Hand-Rolled Gluten-Free Bagels

Sensitive to gluten? But craving for a Bagel?

Gluten can be found in a wide variety of meals and beverages, hosting a party is more difficult than it needs to be. Dietary limitations have been linked to anxiety ...
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Bagel & Lox Charcuterie Board

Delicious Bagel & Lox Charcuterie Board

This Bagel & Lox Charcuterie Board has everything you need for a delicious breakfast or brunch for a small/large group. At a family brunch, charcuterie boards are a fun way ...
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Corporate picnic

A guide to putting together the ideal corporate picnic

There's never been a better time of year to hold a picnic for your employees, suppliers, or business partners. The sun is shining (for the most part!) It's also a ...
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Charcuterie Boards

The Best of Charcuterie board from Bobby’s Bagel Café

A famous delicacy, the Charcuterie board has tons of different varieties and can be personalized anyway. It can be present on any occasion and is great on picnics. Bobby’s Bagel ...
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