Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie-Wooden Board

Our wooden boards are for yours to keep.

At a family brunch, charcuterie boards are a fun way to present food. Rather than having everyone go to build their bagels, a serving board with all the possibilities is a lot more entertaining.

A famous delicacy, the Charcuterie board has tons of different varieties and can be personalized anyway. It can be present on any occasion and is great on picnics. Bobby’s Bagel Café is a lot more than just delicious bagels, as we also serve delicious fresh, and diverse charcuterie boards. We also offer gluten-free charcuterie boards.

Our board and boxes are made-to-order so we request at least 72 hours of notice. We also offer Gluten-free and vegan options. We also offer customized  disposable boxes and boards. Send us an email for customized box prices. Delivery available

Turkey charcuterie board

LIMITED TIME: Try our new holiday flavor Apple Cinnamon Bagel with Apple Pie Crème Cheese. Also available in GLUTEN-FREE

Due to inclement weather, we will be closing at noon today.
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