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Hand-Rolled Gluten Free Bagels

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Gluten-Free Bagels: The Better Halves of your Daily Breakfast What’s a better way to start your morning than to the smell of freshly baked bagels and freshly brewed coffee wafting through your kitchen. Have you ever wondered what makes a bagel click? What do you need to look for in a bagel that makes it the best bagel ever? Is it the flawless measured round shape? Or is it the hazel brown glaze on the top of the bagel? To answer you, it is neither. As with humans, so with bagels, the secret to a great bagel lies not its shape or color, but it’s what is inside the bagel that counts. The perfect bagel is just as dense as it is airy. It smells just as sweet as it smells salty. It melts just as softly in your mouth as the crunch it gives your mouth as you devour the freshly toasted goodness. A good old freshly hand-rolled bagel is what makes it a breakfast king. It has taken many shapes and colors through the years with the quirky rainbow and pink varieties to everything, mixed seeds and herbed varieties taking the bakeries by the storm. What’s even better is that you can now have your favourite breakfast minus the guilt trip. Yes, your breakfast buddy has a gluten-free side to it, and it is much friendlier.

In the world of dietary revolutions, Hand Rolled Gluten Free bagels are the game-changer of your breakfast table. They give you the pleasure of a classic bagel and some added benefits. Easier to digest, much easier on the gut, and aiding in healthy weight loss, the best thing about gluten-free bagels is that you can treat yourself to them every day, with no compromise on taste and quality. The gluten-free option gives you room to never say no to a bagel, your rounded and freshly baked key to culinary contentment. Whether you enjoy it in the warmth of your home or the bustle of your favourite neighborhood cafe, coupled with a hot drink, a bagel is sure to brighten up your day. A lot of love goes into the making of a perfect bagel. The right proportion of ingredients, the slow and meticulous labor of kneading the dough, the perfect temperature to host the rise of the dough, and the careful boiling of the shaped wonders and just the right amount of warmth in the oven. With so much love and care that goes into making a bagel, it’s no wonder that it is the sweetheart of a baker’s kitchen. You can enjoy your fresh bagels with fresh cracked eggs or our house made salad and some healthy spreads like Avocado spread/Cashew spread/Almond butter and fruits to give yourself the boost of energy needed to start your day. Sprinkle some crunchy superfood seeds on top or add dried berries to add some more goodness to your umami perfection.

A wise woman once said, when you eat, you feed your soul. A freshly baked bagel (gluten free bagel) does just that. It gives you happiness, and its bestbuddy, a fresh cuppa coffee is there to tell you that you have an absolutely smashing day ahead of you.

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