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Make this EASTER your best FEASTer.

The Easter is full of delicious treats. Mouth-watering food is an important part of this spring festival. Every year with the onset of spring, people start to ease themselves off for this Annual Celebration. If you are bored with the traditional ham and want to try something else, give a try to our yummy Easter baskets. We provide the best handrolled egg-shaped bagels made with great care. These beautiful looking baskets are not only captivating but there is more to explore in them. There are various baskets available. A Few of them are Egg-shaped rainbow bagel basket, Dessert basket, Egg-shaped Oreo truffle basket, Egg-shaped hot chocolate bomb basket etc.

If you are looking to put something simple yet scrumptious in your Easter Basket, we have got you covered with our egg-shaped sugar cookies. These cookies are made from scratch at premises and are the best to fulfil your taste buds. Bagel baskets undoubtedly have become the most loved and high demand Breakfast and Brunch option for Easter enthusiasts.

Have you ever craved to devour nothing but Oreo the whole day?

You are at the right place. Just keep on reading because we provide the tastiest Oreo truffles.

So, if you are planning to make this Easter special for your loved ones. These bagel baskets are a big thumbs up. You can choose your basket according to your own taste. We have various options like Rainbow cupcakes, Bunny cupcakes, Breakable bunny, Breakable Chick and much more. Pick your Easter feast from our never-ending list and make your Easter memories really memorable.

Why take ONE when you can get SIX?

“Easter is the only time of the year when it is good to put all your eggs in one basket.

We have got the delicious Easter rainbow bagel basket ready for you!

Who doesn’t like to eat something colorful, which is so attractive to your eyes and super yummy to eat? With an endless and continuous circulation of colors topped off with the perfect and yummiest combination of Funfetti cream cheese. These rainbow bagels will feed both your stomach and soul.

This special basket comes with 6 bagels and 1 Rainbow cream cheese. Real magic is due to cheese and garnishing which increases the pleasure manifolds. The bagels are typically topped off with Funfetti flavored cheese and garnished with sprinkles. The process is super astonishing.

So what are you waiting for? Make this rainbow-colored bagel basket your best gift this Easter. This will be such an amazing feast.

Delicious Egg-shaped bombs to make your Easter more delightful!

Have you tried our Egg-shaped hot chocolate bombs yet?

What are you waiting for, go and check the yummiest and delicious egg-shaped bombs and make your evenings more delightful.

The best thing is when they release all that goodness [chocolate] into your cup and you cannot resist keeping that smile on your face quite for a while. They are festive and fun.

Sounds nice, right?

Just try one and you will be in love with them. All above these tiny bombs, there is this amazing decoration with different colors sprinkled on it, just to make it more beautiful and attractive.

Since they appear like Easter Eggs, why not include them as parts of the Easter Egg hunt? Just have them hidden somewhere during your festive season and make it the “final prize” adventure. You wouldn't dare to miss this super yummy food product because the one who finds them gets to enjoy them!

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