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Valentine Special-Heart shaped bagels & Breakable Heart

Want to take surprising someone to the next level? Try our new addition to the bagel assortments called "Alpha Bagels". Our scrumptious handmade bagels come in the different shapes and sizes of alphabets and numbers as well as being able to customize them to suit any occasion or celebration. They make as great personalised gifts for events such as baby announcements, baby showers, graduation celebration, birthdays, Valentines Day and so on. Surprise your loved ones with a personalized message like for a sweet-sixteen birthday breakfast, a wedding anniversary morning, or even a wedding proposal. We can customize the color of the bagel to suit your occasion and need. Heart shaped bagels in red or pink for Valentines day.

They are sure to add cheer to your quarantine celebrations too as we can do contactless delivery! Poofing of the Bagels requires at least 24-48 hours for the best texture so we request you to place your order in advance. The combination of yummy bagels with a personal touch is sure to warm the hearts of many. We recommend pairing our bagels with our special chocolate breakable hearts and hot chocolate bombs to add a little something sweet to the treat. The breakable hearts can also be customized in different colors, sizes and with personalized messages.

You can hide your surprise messages, presents, or even a wedding ring inside the

breakable heart. They are great for giveaway presents or invites as well. The treat boxes can be added/decorated with as many chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries.

We hope that our personalized handmade "Alpha Bagels" bring joy to you and your loved ones.

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